About Us


CREWT Medical Systems, Inc., founded in 2013, spun off from one of major optical device manufactures in Japan.
We developed world first head-mounted perimeter, compatible standard automated perimeter, based on our cutting edge lens designing techniques and software engineering that meets the needs of the clinical site.
The company name “CREWT” is an acronym for “CREation” “Weave” “Technologies“.
We aims to create “new value” by weaving up the existing excellent technology in the world.

We will continue to make effort to create and provide human-centric medical devices for a better Quality Of Vision.

Our mission is to ‘CRE’ate new values by ‘W’eaving up existing ‘T’echnologies, acronymized as “CREWT”.

3F, TH1 Bldg, 3-11, Tsukudo-machi, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, 162-0821 Japan

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