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imo® is a new style of perimeter
The concept of “imo®” is friendly to people, easy to use, compact design, also, aims for more accurate, more speedy and highly reliable visual field inspection.

“Original program” and “original examination sequence” which achieved both accuracy and speed

Original program “AIZE” and “AIZE-Rapid”

Increase the inspection speed by increasing the accuracy of the predicted value

The original program “AIZE (Ambient Interactive ZEST: aɪz)” for determining the retina sensitivity threshold value,
Bayesian estimation determines the stimulus intensity for each examination trial and determines the final retinal sensitivity threshold using the maximum likelihood method.
By reflecting the subject’s response at each examination point to the surrounding examination points adjacent to each other, advance prediction accuracy can be improved,
Reduce the number of trials until threshold determination. “AIZE – Rapid” is strongly reflected on the adjacent points and the inspection speed
I will let you up.

Retinal sensitivity threshold determination with AIZE and AIZE-Rapid

Original test sequence “24 plus”

# Significant improvement in inspection efficiency

24 plus (1 – 2) (inspection point 78 points), based on the inspection point of 24 – 2 (inspection point 54 points)
A part of the inspection point of 10-2 (inspection point 68 points) is added, and the inspection point density of the macula portion is
It is a raised original array. It consists of 24 plus (1) and 24 plus (2)
We will greatly improve the efficiency of inspection from screening to detailed inspection

24 plus is an original sequence which added the part of 102 inspection points based on 242 inspection points and increased the inspection point density of the macula. It consists of 24 plus (1) and 24 plus (2), greatly improving inspection efficiency from screening to detailed inspection

# Automatic pupil tracking
Individual monitors of the pupils of both eyes during examination

During the examination, the pupils of the left and right eyes are monitored with a near infrared camera, the position of stimuli is automatically corrected by tracking the fixation, and the accuracy of the examination is guaranteed.

It is easy to use because it does not require a darkroom, and it is possible to perform highly reliable inspections

Indication of tracking correctness for each measuring point

The reliability is displayed for each measurement point by automatically detecting information (correctness of tracking) unknown only with the gaze information (it can be measured again in correspondence with the time shift mode)

Defect Curve display

Total deviation displayed
Easy to understand by displaying total difficulty deviations

# Time shift mode

Recheck mode

After the inspection is completed completely, re-inspect the low reliability point
Also supports past data calls

I want to re-inspect the gaze defect
Gaze defect (correctness of tracking) part
I want to re-inspect

Increase the reliability of each measurement point by selecting the level for remeasurement

Interim resume mode

Restart the inspection from the point of interrupting the inspection

I want to interrupt the examination due to the subject’s accident or the like

Resume from the middle with the temporary storage function

24p (1) -> (2) mode

Perform 24 plus (2) on the result that the inspection of 24 plus (1) is completed completely

I would like to add a supplementary inspection after checking the results

Supplemental additional inspection can be performed as necessary, inspection results are displayed in summation for easy viewing

Accurate and speedy visual field inspection is possible even though it is compact

imo Data

Categorization Medical Appliance and Instrument (22) Optometry instrument
Common Name utomatic Perimeter
Sales Name Head-mounted Perimeter imo
Manufacturing & Sales Notification No. 13B3X10168100001
Method of visual target presentation Projection on LCD
Size of Stimulus Goldmann I, II, III, IV, V or equivalent
Max. luminance of visual target 10,000 [asb]
Background luminance 31.4 [asb]
Measuring range From center to 35 °
Duration of Stimulus 200 [ms] (standard)
Correction range Spherical power
-15D~+9D (with attachment lens)
Astigmatic power (-1.00, -1.50, -2.00, -2.50, -3.00[D])
Pupillary distance 52 ~ 78 [mm]
Optical specification of Stimulus Wavelength : 420 ~ 700 nm
Display : Monochrome 1920X1080 transmissive type LCD
Pupil monitoring camera Wavelength : 950 nm
Monochrome 1280X960 1/3inch CMOS sensor
External monitoring camera VGA 640X480 1/4inch CMOS sensor
Size 22 cm(W)X38cm(D)X24cm(H)
Weight 1.8kg
Color Pearl White

imo Smart-Stand specification

Product No. SS-2ST SS-2WC
Minimum height 1137 mm 1142 mm
Maximum height 1600 mm
1625 mm (with tablet)
1605 mm
1630 mm (with tablet)
Range of movement 250 mm
Power AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 700W
Weight 23 kg 27.5 kg
Table size 450 x 450 mm